Hello! I’m Ravi Tandon

About Me

I am a software engineer, an innovator, and a poet at heart :)

🎒 🇮🇳 I am a graduate in Computer Science from the Indian Institute Of Technology, India.
🎒 🇺🇸 I did my Master’s in Computer Sciences from Princeton University, USA. 

✍️ 📚 I love to read books on self-help and development, meditate, and write inspirational poetry. I started writing my first poems when I was age 10. Since then, my life experiences have enriched me to write more.

Why Do I Write: My Mission

I believe that our lives are spiritual experiences, and poetry is the language of the universe. My mission in life is to help everyone around me live a happy, peaceful, and successful life 🙌.

I believe in the power of words, and they can change the course of our lives. My favorite quote is as follows:

“Poetry is to the soul, what love is to life.”

What is this newsletter about?

This is a newsletter that will contain the collection of all my writings. This newsletter will cover mental health, love & loss, happiness, courage, and inspiration. ❤️ 🔥

💪💪 Besides, as I get closer to the book’s release, this newsletter will be the source of truth.

Why should you subscribe to it?

📖 If you love to read poetry, philosophy, inspiring words, this newsletter will help you find new, profound ideas.

🔥 If you are suffering from depression or struggling through a challenging phase in life, this newsletter will give you the strength to fight it through.

🤙 If you would like to hit me up and discuss philosophy, spirituality, or poetry. Here is a link to my calendar.


Ravi Tandon
Currently writing "Be Buddha: The Mindful Path To Peace, Love, and Happiness."